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Big Solutions for zimbabwean small businesses

At Nimbus, we believe that the spirit of Zimbabwe is embodied in the heart of its entrepreneurs. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing robust hosting solutions and innovative business automation tools tailored for the Zimbabwean market. Our services are designed to be your digital backbone, supporting your venture from startup to standout.

We aim to be your optimal partner in the growth of your business. We have several packages that align perfectly with you business needs. 

What we offer

Private Hosting Solutions For Start-Ups​

We provide scalable hosting solutions for Zimbabwean start-ups that grows with your business, no matter what size it is.

Web and Mail Hosting

Secure 10GB hosting. 24/7 support. Seamless integration. Never lose data again.

Cloud Billing and Invoicing

Low-cost, integrated billing system. Safe, with regular backups.

Exclusive Business Network

oin Nimbus. Network, learn, and grow at exclusive events and meetups.

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connect by nimbus

Join Monthly For Connect Events hosted by Nimbus

Hosted monthly by Nimbus, these gatherings are a hub for Zimbabwean entrepreneurs to forge connections, share experiences, and uncover growth strategies. It’s more than networking; it’s about building a community that thrives on collective success and innovation. Join us and fuel your business’s ascent with insights from the front lines of entrepreneurship.


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